Passionflower for Anxiety and Stress

Passionflower for anxiety and stress

Passionflower is a beneficial calming herb that can be used as an alternative to prescription anti-anxiety medicines. Passionflower is native to North and South America, and is now grown all over the world. The plant was first introduced to Europe in the 1500s by the Spanish, who found it in Peru. The Incas, Aztecs and other indigenous peoples of the Americas used passionflower for anxiety and stress medicinally and also as a sedative. They did this for thousands of years, and the herb later gained wide use in European folk remedies as well. Passionflower has been indicated as a natural remedy for insomnia, anxiety, gastrointestinal upset, high blood pressure, and withdrawal syndrome from narcotic drugs. Read on to learn more about using passionflower for natural anxiety treatment.

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