Back To School Anxiety – Tips for Busy Parents

Back to school anxiety - tips for busy parents

September is in full swing, and if your days have been as busy as mine have lately, the lazy days of summer are a distant memory. Getting the kids ready for the beach has given way to getting them ready for school, and parents everywhere are dreading the stress and anxiety that builds as we head into the fall and the coming holiday season. Managing a hectic schedule of sports and school, parent-teacher conferences and PTA meetings, on top of everything else that life demands, can make it difficult to remain calm and stay positive.

You’re not alone in your struggle with back-to-school stress and anxiety. Your spouse and children are also feeling the added pressure of the school year, which sometimes makes home feel like anything but a refuge. But with the right mindset and time-management strategies, the back-to-school season doesn’t have to fuel anxiety and put undue stress on you and your family.

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