5 Fast Mood Boosters to Fight Anxiety and the Winter Blues

Fight Winter Anxiety

Yep, it’s February. If anecdotal evidence is to be believed, this is America’s least-favorite month. And for much of the country, this February – and this winter in general — has been brutal. Much of the U.S. hasn’t seen temperatures above freezing in more than a month; regions that typically bundle up in 50-degree weather have found themselves blanketed in snow and ice; and even the folks in sunny California are fearing the consequences of the state’s worst drought in modern history. As a nation, we could use some cheering up.

Between the short daylight hours, the cold, and the snow, this is the time of year that people are most prone to falling into a rut, viewing the events in their days as drudgery they must endure, rather than making the most of their time. It’s easy to forget that peace and contentment can be found through simple measures.

Because of this, it seems to me that February is a good time to take stock of all the little ways you can find happiness in the moment. The point of these quick mood boosters isn’t that these are things you’ve never thought to do before, but rather that when done mindfully, the impact these steps can have on your mood is not insignificant.
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